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    Can someone help me figure out why my sidebar suddenly moved to the bottom of the page?

    It was fine one minute and disappeared the next–until i happened to scroll down and see it at the bottom.

    My blog is:

    Honest, i didn’t touch a thing! lol



    YEEHAW! I fixed it.

    Still don’t understand how it happened, but after i went in and deleted the latest post, and re-posted it, its fine now.

    sorry for the panic mode…



    Usually that’s because you’ve posted a picture that’s too wide, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here (thanks for the link so we can check it out). Sometimes it happens because people paste things from elsewhere on the web that include formatting that makes it too wide as well, but you say you didn’t do anything. I am going to straight-out guess that it’s something on your computer. At least, this is what happens with mine sometimes: the screen size changes itself. I have to go to Settings and change it back.



    Thanks..i’ll be sure to remember that about pic’s etc…

    I still don’t know why it happened after posting an article, but after deleting it and re-posting it, the sidebar went back ‘home’

    thanks for the quick response to my problem–you guys are great!

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