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Sidebar moved to the bottom

  1. For some reason, the side bar has been moved to the end of the page. I tried to solve it by resizing the pictures in smaller sizes but the problem remains. Please note that this problem occured with no particular reason (i.e. after the post of a new topic etc.)
    Anybody could help me?

  2. your sidebar is right where it should be using IE7

  3. i'm using IE 6.0 since a long time. The strange thing is that i used to see the sidebar in the right position untill 2 days ago. Then all of a sudden it moved to the bottom

  4. it looks fine in firefox as well

  5. there are several markup errors, at least in this "Ο-ανεκδιήγητος-Καθηγητής" post.

    some browsers may not tolerate this mess.

    check it up at the:

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