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Sidebar moving down the page?

  1. I recently uploaded wordpress, but now i have problems with the sidebar (in various themes, so that shouldn't be the issue, i guess?)

    My sidebar keeps moving to the bottom of the page, underneath my logs. Can anyone tell me what i should do about this?

    To see what I mean, go to

  2. Sorry, wrong forum :)

    Should be on!

  3. I find that this happens if the picture I post is too large. So size down the picture and see if it improves.

  4. Dang, thats a nice theme. :)

    Might have been but looks fine for me now and I'm using IE which appears to be the browser least forgiving on that issue. :)

  5. He might have fixed it already because on Mozilla it's fine now. But he has no Next Page button on his page.

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