"Sidebar" ON and OFF in various pages of a Theme.

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    Hi,I am new to wordpress and tried to learn many things from this forum. Have one query

    Is there any theme where is it possible to have “Sidebar” ON and OFF on various pages under it. For example suppose I have 4 Pages out of which in my First Page ( Home Page) I don’t want any “Sidebar” but in rest of the Pages I need it.

    IS it possible via code or any option? Regards..



    That’s possible in all themes that support a no-sidebar template for static pages. Visit the Theme Showcase site:
    Click Find a Theme, click Features, check “Full Width Template”.


    @justpi What about using the full width template (for static pages) for posts? I am using the Oxygen theme and would like all my posts to show as full width. In reading settings, when I set “Posts page” to display as a page which I’ve given the full width page template, they don’t display that way. Instead they remain 3-column. Am I missing something?



    The full-width template is for static pages only. The main posts page isn’t a static page, it’s a dynamic page. When you set a page as your psots page in Settings > Reading, you no longer see that static page: you just borrow its title, to create the menu link to the dynamic posts page.


    Thanks for the reply. Hm, that’s confusing but I see what you mean. So I gather it’s not possible to make the actual posts (not a page showing a list of posts) full page (or at least take away the secondary sidebar) with the Oxygen theme, right?

    That’s too bad because I like many things about Oxygen but since my blog (http://betabridgealmostdaily.wordpress.com) is very picture-based, I would very much like to have the posts full width, or at least spanning 2 columns. Time to go theme shopping!


    @justpi and @squidthompson,
    Thank you very much guys for the discussion and clarification.. I am facing the same kind of issue.. but i believe it is not possible is wordpress.com free themes ( NO side bar in Front page and Sidebars,fotters etc in other pages of the same theme ).

    Thank you very much for your help..



    1) It’s not possible to make the single post view full width in Oxygen, except if you buy the Custom Design upgrade and have experience in CSS editing.
    2) If you prefer full width posts, you need a theme with no sidebar or a theme in which the sidebar is optional. These posts of mine will probably help:

    Actually you’re looking for the opposite of what squidthompson would like. In some themes it is possible.

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