Sidebar-photos and header are gone

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    My sidebar-photos and header ar gone from my site
    Somebody have a solution?

    The blog I need help with is



    The ones that allow you to click on them say “File not found” which usually means the file was deleted. You can try uploading them again. I’m not sure if there’s a way to recover them.


    Those images won’t show up bcause they were all uploaded to a different blog ( ), which has been deleted.



    Thanks for your response.
    It’s weird thou, because I haven’t deleted the photos myself, so who did it then?
    Or maybe they’ve been deleted when I changed the name of my blog?

    Well, I’ll try your advice Mr. bjoureaux, thanks again :)



    I thougth so my self, so I’ll load it up again.
    I made a new name for my blog recently.

    Thanks for the response :)


    If and are the same blog, just with a changed name, then first go to Media>Library and check if the images are still there. If they are, click Edit under each image name, copy the File URLs and use those URLs in the image widgets.



    Yes, I thought of it and tryed it and it worked :D

    I’m so relieved!

    Thanks for all the help, you guys :)



    Maybe you can help me with something else..

    I wonder, how do I but copyright on my photos?


    You’re welcome.

    You need to edit them using an image editing application and watermark them.

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