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    I have a picture in a text widget in my sidebar. It used to display. Now, today, it disappeared when I re-opened the site to view a post.

    The link to the picture is still in the text widget.

    Can anyone tell me what has gone wrong, and how I can get my picture back displaying in my sidebar?



    Where did you host the image through? WordPress or another image uploading place?


    Hi nosysnoop. I uploaded through WordPress. It uploaded straight from my c:\ drive.


    The type that I have in the text widget, for displaying the picture, is:

    <img src=”” height=”180″ alt=”koala” />



    I think WordPress has been having some issues with the servers they host the pix on; I’ve noticed some of my uploaded pix are not displaying either until you right click and select “Show Picture”. Give them a Feedback.


    OK. Thankyou!



    Um, I get the picture fine.

    You do know though that even though you have a height limit in there, folks are having to download the entire 80kb picture just to get that little thumbnail to show up, right? Like those folks over dial up?

    May I politely suggest resizing it? :)

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