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  1. I recently moved from another blog source to wordpress and I can not seem to find where I can add my own personal sidebar plug-ins on the sidebar of my web blog. Does wordpress offer that or am I just not seeing where I am able to do this?

  2. blogs don not allow plugins to be used. Please read the pink sticky at the top of the forum page.

  3. So okay , I did read that, and I guess I should have asked my question in a different way........So I can not use Flickr, add my own recipe, nor add a photo on the sidebar of my web blog, correct?

  4. The Flickr issue has been discussed many times in the forums. Since it's javascript based, that is currently not allowed but may be in the future. Javascript is a security issue and Matt and staff are working on a method to allow scripts.

    Not sure what you mean by recipe but you may want to look at the Text Widgets to see if that'll work for you.

    For the photo, I'm not sure if you can add a image link into the text widget. You might want to try that. Another method would be to modify your theme but we are currently using shared themes here and modifications are not allowed.

    Hope this helps,

  5. Yes, Dr.Mike, you can add Flickr image link to text widget. Flickr even allows you a few photo sizes to choose from.

  6. You can add images to text widgets that you put on the side. You can link to a photo that you have up somewhere simply by using an img tag. For a logo-type treatment, you can do what I did. I matched the background of my logo to the background color of the text widget. See it on the right side top at

  7. Javascript is a security issue and Matt and staff are working on a method to allow scripts.

    OMG!! Really?? Like within a year or so? I've looked into hosting my own site but I thought all I would have to do is pay the monthly fee and that's it. Then they do the rest. But I found out that's not the case. I've just looked into TypePad but they have a monthly limit and I'm afraid my site would be shut down due to going over the limit. But they'll eventually will allow javascript? :)

  8. How do I add the code from into my sidebar? Does that work if I just put it into a text widget?

  9. Why don't you so ahead and try it and report back to us? :)

    We've discussed Statcounter before but I don't think anyone has tried it with the javascript within the text widget.

  10. Well, remember that I have no idea what I'm doing -- and I pasted it into the text box of the text widget and it didn't work.

  11. What I did was create a whole new Link Category. Named it Site Meter. Make sure it's set to Visible, or something. To make sure that the image shows. And then add the links Site Meter gives me. One link as the url link and the second link for the image link. It might take a couple of minutes for it to sow up.

    I also add numbers to each of my link categories because if I didn't, then all my link catagories would show up in alphabetical order, which I don't want.

  12. I've always used the invisible sitemeter. Does it have to be visible?

  13. dashboard -- I've been trying to post an image in my sidebar and it hasn't worked.

    Is the image code <img></img>?

  14. Yes, use the img tag as you stated. In the opening img tag put the src attribute like so src="" with a space after the img. Insert the src attribute right before the > Be sure to put the correct link to wherever your image is. like this
    <img src=""></img>

  15. Okay, I am totally confused.

    If the URL is XXXXX -- could you show me the code, using XXXXX for the URL?

  16. <img src="XXXXX"></img>

  17. Thank you!

    (Of course, now that I've done it I'm not sure I like it, but at least I know how!)

  18. Me again!

    Is there a way to center the image in the sidebar?

  19. just wander, what are you guys going to put between start and end tags?

    well, since img element has actually an empty content, end tag is forbidden (in this case really forbidden) for it. so, it should be used as <img ... />

    to center an object you've got to use a div element with the align attribute set to "center":

    oh, yes, it's already deprecated too -- it's better to use styles to conform XHTML standards. let's march to our own ;-)

  20. options -- okay, to stay consistent with my previous inept attempts at questioning --

    If XXXXX is my image's URL -- what would the text widget be?


  21. Sorry to be so dense, but I don't know what a div element is, what xhtml is, etc. So I don't understand how to center.

    Could someone give an exact example with XXXXX as the URL, so I could copy and replace the XXXX with my url and center it?

  22. <center><img src="XXXXX"></img></center>

  23. planetpooks, I'm sorry for the late answer. just forgot to bookmark this topic and it took some time to prepare and thoroughly examine an example by myself to be assured it works as intended.

    so, if you need something like what you can see on my sidebar, then here it is (at appeared rather simple):

    <div align="center"><img ... /></div>

    PS to drmike: no dice w/ <center>: either for xHTML validity or, perhaps, security reasons wpcom just stripes <center> tags ;-)

  24. PS to drmike: no dice w/ <center>: either for xHTML validity or, perhaps, security reasons wpcom just stripes <center> tags ;-)

    Strange, it worked in the past. I guess it doesn't now. Sorry about that.

    We need to work on a list of what tags are and are not allowed. I know some people have had issues with <div>'s disappearing in the past as well.

  25. I agree, a list of striped <tags> and attributes would be rather helpful for the FAQ as it should potentially shortcut any text formatting related questions.

    as of yesterday <div>s weren't striped (yet haven't checked today ;-) whereas a <span> tag (together with inline style attribute) is striped for sure, thus preventing any text formatting inside a paragraph (apparently <span> is not secure).

  26. Thank you both, DrMike and Options -- for the "code for dummies" help!

    I have another sidebar plugin question (she asked, as they ran screaming into traffic...)

    I got the code from statcounter to use as a sidebar widget and it's working -- but some of the code is visible. I'm not sure what's wrong. You can see the visible part in my sidebar:

    Can I post the code here or do I need to make changes to it before posting it to a board? (Will the code itself do something weird when uploaded?)

  27. these are bits of a javascript code, but since it's not allowed to be executed, it's rendered as a plain text.

    to post code here just put it in between backtick symbols: "`"

  28. Thanks. Here is the code:

    <!-- Start of StatCounter Code --></p> <p>var sc_project=1450545; <br /> var sc_invisible=0; <br /> var sc_partition=13; <br /> var sc_security="916c07b8"; </p> <p> <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="counter create hit" border="0"></a> <br /> <!-- End of StatCounter Code -->

  29. looks weird: either smth is missing or instead those vars are spare items.

    just drop that lines, which begin with var word.

  30. Try adding it as a link. You have the URL for the URL portion of the link as well as the IMG portion. Should work.

    Either that or use the one we mention in the FAQ.

    edit: Thinking about expanding the FAQ. Time is currently rather hard to come by right about now though. Matt isn't the only one with expansion plans on the front burner.

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