Sidebar Problem: “About” page appears in sidebar

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    I have searched and could not find anything in the support forum for this problem. I’m new to WordPress and today just imported by site from Blogger. I’m using the Andreas04 theme. The problem is that the About page also shows up in the sidebar. I don’t know how that’s possible, as it’s not even a possibility using the widgets, and the widgets don’t show that it’s there.

    I tried changing themes and then switching back, but that didn’t help. I’d be grateful for any help. The site is



    That’s probably how the theme came as. I use Regulus by Binary Moon and it doesn’t have one. I forgot now if it first came and then I deleted it. But I don’t have any of the About things on my site.


    edit your about page, and on the right hand side, one of the collapsing blue boxes is ‘page slug’
    change that from ‘about’ to ‘colophon’ or whatever you want, and it’ll stop doing that



    sunburntka, I just deleted the word “about” in the page slug and left it blank. That did it!

    Thank you!!



    The Hemingway theme does that as well.


    for those who search and find this later:

    marie, the only reason that worked was because you had already changed the title of the post. if you edit the page now, you’ll notice the page slug now says ‘about-this-site’

    deleting the pages slug causes wordpress to derive a new one from the title.

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