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    i am using garland in one of my blogs. it is supposed to be a three-column theme.
    but practically, all my widgets are ending up on the left side. i only assigned two widgets (search and pages) in the left sidebar and the rest on the right. but it’s not working.
    please help!

    to take a peek just click



    your blog url does not have the www prefix. if you put the www the search engines do not recognise it as being from your blog.

    i’m looking at your blog now and it looks as you’ve meant it to be. search and page widgets on the left, everything else on the right.


    that’s really really strange.

    i see that everything is on the left (search, pages, categories, blogroll, blogstats).

    did you scroll the whole page? which widgets did you see on the right side?

    i see nothing ON THE RIGHT SIDE.

    my blog is basically working as a two-column theme. one column (the left one) for widgets and the right one or the only other one for posts.

    i am using ie7 on win xp. do u thinl it’s a browser issue?


    and oh, i didn’t notice the www before. i wrote the address manually thinking all wp blogs have it.
    thanks for pointing out my mistake.



    i know what i saw, and i saw it from start to end of the home page. i don’t remember what’s on the right but i know the search and page widgets are on the left. try clearing your cache and see if you still see the same thing?

    wp works best with firefox and other browsers have been noted for problems, but not like this.



    FF 2

    Search and pages on the left. Categories, blogroll, stats on the right.

    Same for IE7

    Running on Vista.


    a funny thing happenned.
    when i entered the address in a new window, the right side widgets peeped for 1/10th of a second during loading time. and then they aligned themselves nicely on the left side.

    i feel sad:(

    no three-column theme seems to work properly for me. BAW!



    as i’ve said wp works best with firefox. so using other browser will not have your blog look the best visually.



    Actually it drops for me in ie6. The issue is the dropdown menu you have for your categories. Since selections in a dropdown menu are usually within just a single line in IE, it makes the menu too wide and forces the sidebar down to the bottom to make room.

    Only real solution is to not use the dropdown menus and just display your categories. They’ll wrap then into multiple lines.


    i am feeling really really sad.

    ie is certainly not on its best behaviour. yes drmike, i can omit drop-downs, but that makes me s-o-o-o-o-o sad.

    and sulz, sure i can switch to a non-ie platform, but i don’t know how on earth i can convert all my readers into non-ie-users. hee hee!

    today hasn’t been my best blogging day.
    i have a feeling wordpress doesn’t like me!

    by the way, you wp forum folks are fantastic!
    if it weren’t for you people, i would have quitted wp LO-N-G time ago.

    thanks for babysitting us pesky bloggers 24/7!



    true re readers. then you’ll have to search harder for a theme that’s ie-compatible and to your liking. =)


    i am sure wp is the best. i mean it from the bottom ot my heart.
    please don’t get me wrong.
    it’s just that sometimes i feel i am technologically impaired, not smart enough for wp. and that is when i feel a lesser blogging platform is better suited for a lesser creature like me.

    and oh, drmike, your suggestion worked like magic!
    you just made my day!



    i didn’t get you wrong. i think you got me wrong! =)

    i don’t think mastering wordpress is difficult, but you need to do it slowly. admittedly i started blogging in 2006 when was relatively new and therefore less complications of widgets and whatnot. but i’ve never blogged before then and i managed to find my way around just fine. =) it really helps if you just mess around with your blog, even if you don’t know what that button or widget is for. it’ll help you to be familiar with the wordpress way of blogging.

    good luck!



    Not a problem :)


    thanx to you both,
    i am glowing inside.
    i wish i could be so useful to so many people so often.



    anyone can volunteer at the forums here. i’m nowhere the expert like drmike et al but i try to help out when and if i can.



    A year and a half ago ago I knew zero about blogging but I was determined to learn and I did. I did know then as I do know now that there’s absolutely no value in thinking self disparaging thoughts. In fact that kind of “lesser being” thinking and manner of speaking is not healthy thinking at all. It’s counter productive.

    I think you will be able to become an independent blogger far more quickly if you learn how to use basic resources. Here’s a link to them
    Best wishes



    i have finally got what i wanted! drop-down categories that is.
    i made the category titles smaller, and now the problem is solved!

    if only i thought of it earlier! i thought all along it was purely ie issue and nothing ELSE could be done except to quit the drop-down thing.

    thanks again for the diagnosis!

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