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    The new sidebar recommendations in the Reader (“You may like” box on the bottom right) propose my own blog most of the time.

    Don’t get me wrong, I definitely like my own blog, but wouldn’t it be better to recommend other bloggers here? Seems a little bit narcissistic if I follow my own blog. ;)

    Isn’t is possible to omit one’s own blog from that list?

    The blog I need help with is


    I follow my own blogs as it’s the only way to experience exactly what my subscribers experience.



    That’s probably something the Reader Team never thought about, just assumed that most folks followed their own blogs. :)

    We’ll get that fixed.



    I’m surprised it’s normal to follow own’s blog. Really?

    Let me get this straight. You create a post on your own blog and get an email notification that you created a new post? Same goes for the Reader. This lists now your own posts?

    I thought I know when I write a new post and what I wrote about in there. Why notifying myself and going though it again in my Reader? Sounds redundant to me. Or am I confused and don’t get the whole picture?

    I get the point about sharing the user experience but do really most folks follow their own blog? If so, I learnt something new today. :)




    How do I get that intrusive Reader List sidebar?


    I follow myself with both my WordPress account to see it in the Reader and also with a non-registered email. I do this to see what issues my followers might have when reading the posts. I do not look at every email that I get, but open one now and again.



    I do the same thing for the same reason thebirdingbunch does.



    I also do it for the same reason as thebirdingbunch, plus it’s an easy way for me to find out if the whole thing is broken. ;)

    llamapacker, it’s not available to everyone all the time yet, we’re rolling it out slowly to test for reactions and odd bugs that we never considered.



    Like I said, sharing the user experience would be the only reason I could understand why someone would follow his/her own blog. It’s the assumption every blogger would follow the own blog which struck me.

    You’re either passionate bloggers or Automattician (one does not exclude the other :) ). I doubt the average blogger cares about user experience so much.

    Don’t you have any data/stats/logs about this at Automattic that tells something about the percentage of bloggers who follow their own blog? Otherwise this might be perhaps an interesting poll for the forum.



    Oh yes, of course. :)

    Like I said, it’s not available to everyone all the time yet, we’re rolling it out slowly to test for reactions and odd bugs that we never considered.

    We all follow our own blogs to keep an eye on things, so this would be one of those cases that we never considered. It will be corrected.



    I think get it. According to one of my vocabulary sites you’re talking about “being professionally blinkered”? :)



    Pretty much, yes. :)

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