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    How do I remove the sidebar from my website(forever theme)? I’d like to center my blog posts once it is removed.

    The blog I need help with is




    #content {
      margin: 0 auto;

    This will make everything, including pages, be centered. If you only want it to be in the blog then you would go: #content {
      margin: 0 auto;


    It worked thank you so much!



    I’d like to do exactly the same thing : remove my right sidebar in order to enlarge my articles.
    but I don’t understand the answer.
    Where should I write this code?
    My theme is Oxygen.



    • Each theme has a different structure, and uses different CSS selectors, so an answer that applies to Forever won’t do for Oxygen.
    • On Oxygen, what you’d like to do is ok for the single post view, but it’s not ok for the homepage or for archive pages, because featured images cannot be enlarged. If you’d settle for one sidebar on the single post view, two sidebars on the homepage, I can show you how to do it.
    • But:
    a) This requires the Custom Design upgrade. Do you have the upgrade?
    b) The chief attraction of Oxygen is its posts slider. Since you aren’t using the slider, and since you don’t want two sidebars, then (even if you do have the upgrade), why don’t you simply switch to a different theme?


    Ok, as I don’t have the Custom Design upgrade, and don’t want to have it, I think I’ll let my blog as it is.
    Thanks for your answer anyway.



    Hi, I am trying to do the same for my front page. I have hiden the widgets but would like to center the remaining content.

    any help would be muchly appreciated



    the page I am working on is


    @gcomerford, I’ve answered at

    Would you mind not creating duplicate threads like that. It makes support harder to do. :)

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