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    I am noticing an error (or feature) that is difficult to describe. Until yesterday, the post box (the display where you entered text) was a fixed size, requiring me to scrolling within it if I wanted to navigate my post. Now, the box extends to the bottom of the screen, the post scrolling with the page. Essentially, I could be at the bottom of my post without seeing either sidebar (Publish, Categories, Dashboard, etc.). This is very annoying and makes writing difficult. It is present regardless of Visual or Test view.

    Aside from linking accounts to a new blog I installed yesterday, I made no changes to my page. Please help.

    The blog I need help with is



    You are not alone. Staff have made changes to the editor again. The main thread is here


    There have been several threads on this yesterday and today. I had a chat with a WordPress rep. a few minutes ago – it’s an official change because change is ‘good’. Can you believe it.



    Well damn. It happened concurrently to my self hosted installation, thought the two were related. Correlation is not causation. I couldn’t find this new ‘improvement’ anywhere, nor was I entirely sure what to call it to properly search. Thank you for the prompt reply.


    Hey all.

    I’m going to close this thread in the interest of keeping all the conversation about this change centralized.

    As I’ve mentioned in other threads, we really appreciate your constructive feedback and ideas. We are constantly updating in order to build the best experience for our users. And we do read and pass all of your feedback on to our developers.

    @thecredhulk – This change should not have affected your self hosted site yet, unless you’re running the beta or nightly build versions. If you’re still seeing issues with your self hosted site, you should head over to the forums!

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