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sidebar stuck on one post

  1. Please, see the blog:

    the sidebar is stuck beside one of the posts. I keeps going down with that post :S
    I checked all the tags, but all seems well. Besides, they were all mailed through flickr, so the code would always be the same.

    Any ideas? Or should I just send feedback to the guys??

    TIA :)

  2. Very nice looking blog! I am not sure what you are looking at because the sidebar is showing up perfectly as I navigate through your site with Firefox. What post are you finding it stick with? Have you cleared your cache and cookies to try it again?


  3. thanks! :)

    I also use Firefox, but i've tried IE and in it i still see the sidebar aligned with this post:

    (will try to clear the cache and brb)

  4. to no avail :(
    still looks stuck down there :(

    is it just me seeing it there??
    If it is, the problem is definitely on my side :/

  5. Opps, looked at the blog in your profile and not the one in the post. That is stange, I see what you mean. Let me look at the source and see if I see anything.


  6. thanks trent!! :))

  7. I would edit that particular post since it seems to have many tags that may or may not need to be there. If you change the status of that post back to 'draft', does it go back to normal? You might have to go to the 'code' editor when editing the post to see the extra div's and such.


  8. I tried that, and now I just put it in draft. The sidebar just glued it itself to the "next in line" post :S

  9. Then, the next step would be to do through each of your sidebar widgets and check to make sure that each of them has the proper tags in them as well. After that, if it is not working, then maybe someone else can help out!


  10. also nothing there...

    the only place there could be a mess would be the text widget with the CC license, and all is fine

  11. So if you take them all out and add them back 1 by 1, does that make a difference? If you change themes does it do it?


  12. I just took them all out and the sidebar is now the default one. and it's still stuck :S

  13. about setting each post on the main page back to draft 1 by 1 because when I went to 'page 2' by clicking on 'previous posts', that page was fine.


  14. my thoughts exactly! was just what I was doing.

    BUT the weird thing is:

    whenever i put this one:

    to draft, the sidebar comes on top.

    the problem is - i don't see, for the darn of it, nothing wrong on it!

  15. Are you posting via flickr? I have a feeling that you are as I'm looking at your post content and am seeing this:

    <div class="entry-content">
    <!-- or (function_exists('is_tag') and is_tag()) -->
    <div class='snap_preview'><p></p>
    <div class="flickr-frame">
    <a href="" title="photo sharing"><img src="" class="flickr-photo" alt="" /></a><br />
    <p class="flickr-yourcomment">
    </div> <!-- .entry-content -->

    I'm looking at that lone closing p tag followed by an opening one and am wondering if that's causing the issue.

    Looks like every post is like that. Not sure if that would affect it though.

  16. I'm guessing that you have the CSS Upgrade?

    I have the same theme on one of my blogs and flicking between the two in FF tabs, your blog jumps to the left by about 20 pixels.

    What changes have you made to the CSS?

    What happens if you remove the search widget temporarily?

  17. no I don't have CSS upgrade, and yes I'm publishing through flickr (explained up there :) )
    and as you said, all posts are posted the same way, so it's weird.

    gonna try to delete that post and make a new one just the same.

  18. dang!!

    nothing seems work :S

  19. How about the quick change of themes?


  20. gonna try :)

  21. Ok, I'm officially confused! Why would your blog jump to the left if you haven't changed the CSS? <- me thinking out loud, don't need to answer!

    Is it just that one post that's doing it or does it always jump to the second post on the page?

    Do you have something custom designed within Flickr when you're posting to your blog? I know that you can set some HTML with the Flickr "blog this" option, it could be something in there you've changed maybe?

  22. Do you have something custom designed within Flickr when you're posting to your blog?

    That's what I'm wondering with those misplaced p tags.

  23. damn! none of the posts has the </div> tag!!!!

  24. and yes, I do have configuration on Flickr. I just don't know why the </div> isn't coming up on this side

  25. can you put the text that you're using within code tags (backticks) so that we can see it and see if that is causing a problem?

  26. <br>

    <div class= " flickr-frame " >
    <img src="" class="flickr-photo" alt="" />

    this tag was missing:


  27. sidebar is up there now

    it was missing in all posts. I just don't know why it only started to happen today :S

  28. Means it's sorted? Suweet!

    Can't say what happened, but it's entirely possible that the Flickr interface "changed" itself. I know that sounds daft, but i've had it happen to me in the past.

  29. Chalk another one up to 3rd party interference! Glad it is working!


  30. I guess it must have been that.
    I have the habit of saving all the templates i'm working on, on txt files, so to always go back, and some parts of the code that i have saved are not on Flickr layout. Minor tags like <br>, but that </div> too. And that was what was doing it :S

    Thanks all you guys for the time working on the puzzle :D

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