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sidebar text widget problem

  1. I am trying to add the ability for subscribers to get my blog as a feed through feedblitz. I added the following code to Text using the sidebar widget but for some reason this HTML gets transformed and the form is never seen only some text is seen.

    The FORM I inserted using the sidebar widget for "Text" is

    <form Method="POST" action="">
    Enter your Email<br><input name="EMAIL" maxlength="255" type="text" size="30" value=""><br>
    <input name="FEEDID" type="hidden" value="66846">
    <input type="submit" value="Subscribe me!">
    <br>Powered by FeedBlitz</form>

    When I view the HTML again it gets transformed to

    <form Method="POST" action="">
    Enter your Email<br><br>
    <br>Powered by FeedBlitz</form>

    Any assistance is appreciated.

  2. Greets :)

    Forms and scripts are not currently allowed and are removed due to security concerns.

    I know Feedburner, MyYahoo and other feed services provide a clickable link as an option for signing up for feed services. I would try to see if this is an option.

    Hope this helps,

  3. The drmike. Your workaround to add the icon helped. It would be nice if form support is added since that seems rather basic.

  4. Me thinks we need to add that FAQ on security to the welcoming email. :)

    FAQ on why JavaScripts and in turn forms are not currently allowed around here.

  5. With Feedburner you can add the standard RSS icon. I added it to a text box in my sidebar. I do have a question though, can I make the text box any smaller? It seems like a lot of wasted space for just one icon and not much text. It doesn't seem to do this if I use it for text only. Thanks.

  6. Actually I can't stand that orange icon....

    Here's your text widget currently:

    <a href="" title="Subscribe to my feed" rel="alternate"><img src="" alt=""></a>

    They have a 16 x 16 icon you can use as well as shown as below:

    <a href="" title="Subscribe to my feed" rel="alternate"><img src="" alt=""></a>

    Now, if you really hate the icon like I do, you can even replace it with a button. Here's a link to where you can make one if you need it. Just upload it to your space and use it instead of the RSS icon.

    Hope this helps,

  7. Thanks, this is great. I also hate the orange button, but it was the only one I seemed to have any success including. I'll try the other icon.. thanks again.

  8. Hello again. I must be missing something because I could not see how to upload the button when I created it. I saved the gif to my computer, Firefox didn't give me "save target as" but you can't upload to the text box. There didn't seem to be an option for me to upload the button from the button creator site either. I even tried changing the code (testing it in another text widget box in case I didn't get it right, which I haven't). Have I misunderstood - if you mean I can upload from the button creator site how can I do this. Or should it be from my computer and can I browse to it? If I could find the code snippet for my created button I could just use this in the way I did the original rss icon. Appreciate your help. Thanks.

  9. Not a problem. :)

    Follow the FAQ like you were going to upload a picture to a post. When you get to step 5, you'll have the html code with the editor window. Use that link for the button in your text widget. You can then delete the post. It's not needed and deleteing the post will not cause the button to be deleted.

    Hope this helps,

  10. drmike - Wonderful!And now I know how to create buttons! Thanks so much for your help!

  11. walkingthefenceline

    But I have seen the Feedblitz subscribe form on WordPress powered blogs before. How did theydo it?

  12. You know have two threads on the support forum on the same subject. This is not a good thing. the other thread is here

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