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Sidebar turned dark grey (BFBFC9) suddenly in Highwind

  1. I am using this theme on wordpress.COM, so I don't even have control over the color of the sidebar. Suddenly, after adding the logo I believe, the sidebar turned #BFBFC9. I tried removing the logo and removing the widgets. No effect.

    Has anyone had this happen or know a solution that can be attained within wordpress.COM.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. This happened with me too... any help?

  3. Annoying right?

    Luckily, jeremeylduvall is looking into it in this thread:


  4. Hi there,

    So far I have been unable to repeat this issue when testing it. I noticed also that your sidebar appears to be its normal color. Can you confirm that you're seeing the lighter gray color on your end? Thanks!

  5. Hello michiecat.

    This was definitely happening before, but you're right, it's gone now. I don't know if jeremeylduvall fixed it or if it went away by itself, but either way, I'm all set.


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