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    I am using a (minor) CSS modified version of the Emire theme. I just published a new post and when I checked my main page, the sidebar had vanished (although there’s a small text smiley face where it used to be). It still shows up when I go to the page of a particular post, just not on the home page.

    Any ideas?


    As a first step, set your blog to display only 1 post per page (options > reading) and then go through them one at a time to see which is causing the problem.


    I’ve located the problem post, but i can’t discern anything in the content that might be causing this problem. Will it be necessary to delete it?


    Which post is it? Did you copy it in from the web for from another program such as MS Word?


    I’ve deleted it and reposted the text verbatim with no problems.


    Glad you got it fixed. Happy blogging.


    From the web – I must have inadvertently dragged some formatting across or something

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