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sidebar went down

  1. help. my sidebar went down..suddenly all the widgets on the right side went to the bottom of the page. my last post did not have any picture.

  2. It looks fine to me in IE7. Have you got this sorted now? If not, what browser are you using? Have you cleared your cache?

  3. Looks fine to me in FF

  4. Thanks for the feedback. I have not sorted it still. I'm using Firefox version I did clear my cache. I actually asked my friends in Hong Kong and the Philippine to look at my blog and check if the widgets are in proper places. I was told the widgets are indeed at the bottom.

  5. are we talking about the same blog, ?

  6. Yes, that is the blog:

    I still haven't resolved the problem.

  7. I can see the sidebar.
    Sidebars and widgets usually go to the bottom of the page if you write in Microsoft Word and then copy and paste it into your blog.
    Paste as plain text, which is an option in WordPress, or clean out the extra coding in HTML view.

  8. In the version of Neo-sapien being used here at, the sidebars, if the browser window is not wide enough, will go to the bottom of the page. That is actually the way the author designed it.

    Set your browser window wider and the sidebars will move back up.

  9. thanks a lot everyone, i have resolved the problem! apparently all i have to is set the browser window wider. now i know how this neo-sapien template works.

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