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Sidebar widget for Regulus

  1. I am fan of Regulus theme. I really like its cool look and decent format but I think adding sidebar widget will make it WP's best theme. I already made a feedback. I want to know is wordpress have any planning to add sidebar widget( like anderson theme) and if so is it waiting for more feedback? then I request you all to do feedback for this issue so that WP should add it early.

  2. It's been discussed *MANY* times in this forum that they are doing the widgets on a theme by theme basis. (They have to add support to them manually and then roll the rewritten theme out to the servers.)

  3. that's right shashiingal. i use regulus and i love it too, but we'll just have to be patient. obviously with so many previous threads on this the wp ppl would know what best to do, but in the meantime, keep up the good work wordpress!

  4. I've added the widgets to Regulus. The update should be included on some time in the next week or three.

  5. that's great news, thanks!

  6. Yep, that's cool. Thx a lot for this GREAT theme !

  7. Great. That's exactly what I am waiting for. Looking forward to trying the widgets out!! Thanks a lot, the theme is really good (even if the XHTML does not validate yet)!

  8. That's great news. Looking forward to the updates.

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