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Sidebar Widget in Safari

  1. In Safari, the sidebar widget is acting funky. It works okay in Firefox, but I would prefer to use Safari if you guys can fix this. I am not sure if it is Ajax or whatever, but it isn't workin'.

    Basically, the drag and drop widgets sit on top of each other, and do not display the edit tab/button on the right. The Sidebar bit is pretty much inoperable, so I have to use Firefox to make changes.

    Sorry if this is known issue, I tried to locate similar posts...


  2. Hi nicoleslaw --

    Safari and and WordPress do not get along for a variety of reasons and it isn't WordPress' fault.

    You'll be much happier and have much more predictable results on if you use Firefox instead of Safari.

    I'm on a MacBook and a MacBook Pro and Safari can't begin to compare with the excellence of Firefox.

  3. @nicoleslaw
    When I look at your blog I do not see a blue navigation bar at the top. If you are self hosting a blog or if you have a webhost then the correct support forum for you is over here

    WordPress displays well in these browsers Firefox 2, Opera 9 and IE 7. Mark has advised if you are not running the above, please do. This is because old browsers and new code tend not to mix so well - and wordpress does not support every browser in every version. And as boles has pointed out there are known problems with safari browsers. Here's a useful browser reference

  4. @tt -

    she's on just fine:

  5. @kamel
    I clicked her username in the first post and got a different blog ( the issue of being human). Check it out. It appears she has two blogs and one is a blog. I didn't know which one she was asking questions about so that's why I covered both bases.

  6. Hmm, I am on .com, not .org, but this issue is also noted in the .org forums. It's a shame such a great site is not Safari-friendly. I love this place, but that is a major let-down to a happy Mac user.

  7. @nicoleslaw
    Thanks for the clarification on which blog you are referring to. Your username here is linked to "the issue of being human" and not to your blog. Perhaps you would like to edit your profile and link your blog instead.
    I don't think this is really an issue of wordpress being safari friendly - safari has known issues that have yet to be addressed by the safari team. Firefox 2 is a free download that you can help yourself to and solve your problem so why not go for it?

  8. Hmm, well #1: I work for the people who make Safari, and I prefer it ;)

    I do have Firefox, but I find that it is less user friendly and less, how do I say this without being snobby... pretty?

    I understand the limitations with time, etc to fix this, but since I did pay for several services, I thought I should at least bring the bug to the WP folks' attention.

    I haven't had any other bugs in Safari and WP, so there you go. I've tried Flock too but it is a bit cartoony to me. Anyway...

  9. Hi nicoleslaw --

    Here's what a Google search returns on "WordPress and Safari":

    Work your Safari contacts to get this working for you and the rest of us! SMILE!

  10. Haha, no Safari contacts here. I will just cross my fingers. Thanks.

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