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    How can I get my widgets to the
    top of the page?

    Is there html I’m supposed to use?



    Member When your sidebar falls to the bottom this is usually an indication that you have inserted an image somewhere that exceeds the space limits for it. In this case you have a rather large image in a text widget at the top of your sidebar.

    That being said I cannot see any widgets at the bottom of your posts so I’m not clear on what you are referring to. I do see one text widget at the top of your sidebar with the image in it and I see the Pages widget only.

    Your widgets are found here -> Presentation -> Widgets
    You drag them out of the Available widgets box and drop them into the Sidebar widgets box and click “save changes”.

    Yes, in a text widget you do use html.



    Thanks for your help. I think its a browser problem. I checked it out on another computer and it looks fine.



    You’re welcome.



    The problem is that image in the sidebar – IE 6 will be rendering it down the bottom as it is 395px wide. You need to drop the width. From memory, somewhere around 150 would be right.



    Thanks. No if I can only figure out how to do it…(kinda kidding…it just takes me forever in photoshop…)

    Oh yea…before I added the picture everything was still on the bottom. But I’ll fix the pic anyway…good practice.


    Hey. I am very new at this, and have a few questions. Maybe you can help me?
    I tryed to put a Pages widget in the sidebar, but it disapperat… I cannot see it on the site, what can be the cause of that? And another thing. Is it possible to make this Pages widget into a navigation of the site?



    You need to start a new thread, as that’s a totally different question. When you do that, please put in a link to your blog so we can look at it.

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