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Sidebar Widget title order

  1. I noticed that if i change the sidebar widget, the theme Blix for example, icons in
    front of category titles don't appear as it should be if the sidebar widgets are in
    default mode. Also, the order of the category titles changes if i customize the sidebar
    widgets. I have category titles like the following:

    [A]Main Ideas

    but now the order is:

    [A]Main Ideas

    this is quite bothering me since this problem didn't occur about one or two weeks ago.
    Does anybody have any issue with this?

  2. Says you've deleted your blog. Not sure what you are looking at since we have no way to see it.

    Categories list fine for me in Blix using widgets on my text blog

        [B1]Animaniacs Videos
    [C]Britany Spears

    Not sure what you mean by "customize the sidebar widgets." Care to explain? All I did was drop the category widget into the sidebar and checked the "Show Hierarchy" box.

  3. Ok, i'm replying with my testing blog and i hope you would reply this.
    As you can see my blog, the catory titles are "customized", meaning i dragged
    and saved the order of all the features like calendars, rss, recent posts,
    archives, blog stats, etc. I just clicked the "Sidebar Widgets" under Presentation
    menu and i dragged "categories" from the list and clicked "save changes".
    Next, those "crazy order" and missing icons happened. Please help, please~?

    And btw, while i was replying this post, the text box got really weird when i
    clicked and type anything in the text box.
    The right edge of the text box is "extended"
    and when i type
    over the edge, it just keeps going and i can't really see what i have wrote beyond
    the right edge. That's why my posts are sort of cranky.

  4. The answer to your questions is in this thread from yesterday and this morning

  5. Oh, i forgot to mention some stuffs.
    The categories order as i wrote in:

    [A]Main Ideas

    The [A01]Subject and [A02]Opinions are under the category [A]Main Ideas, meaning
    [A]Main Ideas is the parent category of [A01]Subject and [A02]Opinions.
    And so as B sections.

    And i just made another test blog,, this one has default
    sidebar widgets. As you can see, the default one has icons in front of category
    titles and the order is how i wanted, whereas the is a
    customized one, which has no icon in front of category titles and the order is not
    how the default sidebar widget should be. Please fix this, please?

  6. Thanks, timethief. Took some time to find what i was looking for... :)

  7. Yeah, something's funky with Blix. I'd send in a feedback to staff and ask them about it. As TT noted, others have discussed it as well.

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