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    My friend was using the Cutline theme and all of a sudden his sidebar widgets started appearing on the bottom of the blog. I have tried this theme on another WordPress subdomain blog, and it works fine for me. He has since switched to the Digg 3 Column theme and the comments now appear on the left side but there are other elements –a calendar and a blog roll — on the bottom that should be on the right. This theme also works fine for me on a test blog.

    Here is his blog:

    Can someone help him?


    Sidebar at the bottom is typically due to bad html in one or more posts. When that happens, you must first click the title of each post to see which post causes the problem (in this case it’s “Venice and Dresden”). Next, go to Settings>Writing, tick the option “WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically”, click Save Changes. Then edit the problem post (make any insignificant change, e.g. add then remove a space) and click Update Post.

    PS1 With that option on, this particular problem won’t crop up again.

    PS2 Please search the forum before asking questions: most questions, including this one, have been answered again and again.



    Thanks, panaghiotisadam.

    I’m afraid this question does not turn up on a search; in fact, this particular thread doesn’t turn up on a search either, even if you copy and paste the exact title. I’ll leave it to someone else to figure out why.

    In the meantime, the blog now looks right and Canehan is deliriously happy. He was very impressed with the detail of the answer. Thank you again.


    You’re welcome!

    (It’s true that the forum search function leaves much to be desired, but it’s not that useless! You’ll get several related threads if you put, say, “sidebar at bottom” in the search box – and a lot more if you click the “Sidebar” tag on the front page.)


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    When using the forum search bar up top fails (it works sometimes!)
    here is my top-secret method of searching the forums
    put this in the search box on Google:

    So ” sidebar on bottom site: ” brings up
    “366 from for sidebar on bottom. (0.32 seconds) “
    for just the past year.

    But remember: “mum’s the word”




    I use it too every day and continuously all day long …. SShhhhhush … mum’s the word. ;)


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    We certainly would not want newbies (or others) to know about it!

    I had supposed everyone knew about that “advanced search” technique.
    But today, talking to co-workers, it seems not to be the case.

    I’m easily surprised I guess.



    Didi you know that the http:// is not required? You can simply use
    SEARCH_TERM_HERE and still get results in seconds.

    I’m amazed to find that bloggers who have been blogging for months and even years do not use search engines effectively and in some cases don’t use them at all. That made me wonder how they do any research and when I asked I was told they relied on the media — no kidding!


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    I did not realize the http:// was not required! Thank you, tt.

    On the other subject:
    I’ve been a sort of a useful volunteer helper in these forums for a few months, or more, and it just never occurred to me to say, “Hey!!! here is how to search.”
    Really, hardly any one here has pointed this Google search technique out to noobs.

    I would have thought my real-life co-workers would have already known how to search. Silly me!



    Those who were using search engines seemed to be fixated on using only Google. They didn’t know there were niche search engines.



    I just did an advanced google search, and sure enough, the first three pages of search results had two links on the subject of misformated widgets…leading back to this page!

    There used to be a FAQ that I used quite a bit. You could get to it from the dashboard with just a few clicks that were pretty intuitive, and from there narrow in on your subject fairly quickly — always nice for people who are trying to spend less time blogging.

    Thanks again to everyone for all the assistance. This is the first time I’ve used the feature and it was remarkable. I typed in the question and shot my friend an email with the link, then went off to bed (in Chicago). When my friend woke up (in France), there was already an answer.

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