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    It seems my sideboard has gone wonky, none of my text images or original sidebar inclusions are visible. None of my sideboard AS I set is “IS” yet a sideboard appears on my blog, and on the widget page where you can add and drop boxes, nothing happens when I try to correct the sideboard.
    Is something going on with word press tonight?? I don’t quite know what to do with that, since my sideboard images have been disappearing by themselves, so I removed the boxes from the sideboard, but now tonight, the rest of them have disappeared on their own. This must be a WP issue.






    Please assume that we can’t read your mind and give us some details please.

    OS, browser, and browser version. (That’s for the can’t move the widgets issue)

    Where should there be images within your sidebar? Please give specifics.

    Friendly reminder of the words ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ Please remember that we’ll all volenteers here in the forums. We have no control over your blog but are more than willing to help where we can.

    And, no, you wouldn’t be ‘locked out’ The code doesn’t have than option. If you were locked out, your blog wouldn’t be there.



    There is zero reason for bumping. Especially since it’s only been less than an hour since your post.



    I am running Firefox latest version. This problem with sidebar widgets started days ago. Other word press blogs I read have also stated that Firefox has had issues dealing with images and displays. When some of my sidebar widgets disappeared, i removed them. now today, my profile image, my profile information and several other Text widgets have disappeared.

    From the Sidebar widget page, the column does not show any widgets in it. Although my blog DOES show sidebar widgets. My page (Buttons) now appear at the top of my new theme, but I cannot access those buttons in my widget system.

    I went to Firefox and checked to see if I was running the latest version and it said yes. I think that there is a Firefox error, I have tried several times to change and replace the template to see if that would restore the blog as I had built it, to no avail.

    I sent a note to support. No reply has yet to be made. I don’t think my blog has been tagged as mature, as my categories appear as they always have.

    Thanks for your help




    Just for reference the latest version of Firefox is the 3-alpha. If that’s what you’re running, I don’t know if that’s supported here yet. Software has version numbers. Please use them. Especially when asked for it.

    As stated in the other thread, the mature tag would have nothing to do with the sidebar. All the mature flag does is not include your blog in the Next blog link system, the tag system and the top100 stuff.

    I do not see any Page on your blog labeled with the title of Buttons.

    I still need to know where in your sidebar these images are suppose to be. I don’t see any link to images within your sidebar.

    Just for reference, I’m looking at this blog.

    Don’t mind helping but what you’ll telling us doesn’t match up with what’s on your blog.



    This was resolved by Mark in another thread by giving instruction for force refreshing the browser.



    This should be fixed now even without a hard refresh.

    Thanks for your patience!

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