Sidebar Widgets Disappearing or Moving

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    I use the Fadastic Theme in wordpress, which I chose in part because it has two sidebars both to the right-hand side of the page. Or at least, it’s supposed to. And until a few hours ago, it did.

    This morning before coming in to work, I played around with the widgets in my main side bar a bit (in particular, changing the archives and the category list to show a pull-down menu instead of just listing them). Saved the changes. Things looked okay at home (Safari and Flock, on my Mac).

    Then I come in to work (Dell computer, Internet Explorer). And find that my main side bar seems to have disappeared — only the secondary “bottom bar” is showing up to the right hand side of the page.

    Upon scrolling down, it seems that the main side bar is sort of still there, except it’s shoved down to the bottom of the page and ALSO shoved way over to the left so that 99% of it is invisible (except for one of the pull down bars which only barely peeks out from the left-hand side of the screen).

    Help? How do I get my sidebar widgets back and showing on the screen in all major browsers and computers? Or am I going to have to move everything to my “bottom bar”, which defeats the purpose of having two side bars in the first place?

    (If I have to, I guess I could change themes to something else. But there aren’t too many two-sidebar themes, and I don’t recall seeing any others where both of them are to the right.)




    Upon investigation, I learned that apparently the whole sidebar gets moved to the bottom if anything in it is too wide for the side bar. The problem seems to be speficially the pull-down menu for Categories — that button is too wide. But, there doesn’t seem to be a way for me to control the width of this button. This is disappointing because this was the change I had particularly wanted to retain (I now have more than 70 categories, which was cluttering up the side bar). Any ideas? Or will I have to give that up and go back to a straightforward listing of categories?

    My blog site, in case looking at it helps understand the problem better, is at:



    Shorten the name of the offending category.

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