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Sidebar widgets: How do I get remove the borders?

  1. I have the MistyLook theme and have paid for the upgrade for CSS. How exactly do I remove the solid color that goes around my various logos within my widgets? Here is what I am referring to: Please help. Thanks.

  2. Try setting the border to none or 0 (I forget which works)

  3. @thekowalkerjourney: Are you referring to the blue border that only shows up in Internet Explorer, or to the light grey background the theme produces?

    In the first case (the one Vivian thought about) you add this to the image code (after "img" or after the URL, with a space inbetween):


    In the second case (CSS change) Vivian might also help you - I don't know CSS.

  4. I wouldn't do it through CSS because AFAIK it would change the border on all images. (Which is why I went with the border thingee.) I also didn't mention that breaking the link removes the border, but in this case, you wouldn't want to do that because the pictures link elsewhere.

  5. You should be able to set the CSS just to remove the border in the sidebar, or individual widgets. I removed the border from my RSS feed image, for instance.

  6. Well the OP hasn't responded: the blue border or the grey background?

  7. I use Firefox and it's the blue border around a number of my pictures/logos widgets in my sidebar.

  8. @thekowalkerjourney: Thanks. Corrected?

  9. Sorry for the late response. Yes, corrected. All is good. As always, thanks for the help.

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