sidebar widgets keep falling to bottom

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    My sidebars aren’t going to the side. They are actually at the bottom of my webiste. No matter what theme I pick I can’t change it. What’s up with that?



    The most common cause of this is uploading images or video embeds that are too large for the blogging space allowed by the theme. And this FAQs thread provides the size maximums for the various theme’s blogging spaces

    The theme you are using now is Garland. It has two sidebars and a default setting. Go here => Presentation => Sidebar Widgets and try arranging your widgets again being sure to click “Save Changes”.

    Now you’ve got Unsleepable up and it looks fine.

    The second most common cause is that in one of your posts you forgot to place an html closing tag.



    It seems to be the post you’ve pasted in here:

    If you go to the HTML editor and set the table for a narrower width your sidebar will probably be back where it belongs.



    Good catch!

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