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Sidebar widgets mysteriously moved to bottom?

  1. Greetings,
    I hadn't checked my blog recently and noticed that my sidebar widgets have somehow shifted to the bottom of the screen ( Don't really know what happened, but was wondering if anyone has any idea how to move it back up? Or should I just reset the theme?

  2. Hi there,
    The reason sidebars fall to the bottom is usually because an image or embed like a youtube has been placed in the blogging space that is just too large large for the space. The maximum sizes for the different themes are found in this thread

  3. Thanks a lot for the help! It seems to have largely gone back to normal (with some strangeness with the calendar I can live with)

  4. Your welcome :)

  5. @quebecmali:
    The problem with your calendar widget is actually a problem with the whole sidebar not displaying correctly on your main page (if you go to a different page of your blog, you'll see that it's fine there).

    This has come up before:
    I suggest you send feedback to staff to get this looked into.

  6. Please hold back on sending in a feedback right now our beloved geeks are working very hard to rectify some problems. See:

  7. Send in the feedback. We shouldn't be making folks wait.

  8. Okay, okay ... (no whacking please).

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