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Sidebar widgets not displaying properly

  1. Hi there. Just moved over from Blogger in search of better features and stability... and my new blog (happycrow.wordpress) is not displaying correctly -- the sidebar widgets have been replaced, so instead of displaying my five custom text fields, I instead get to look at the Meta and RSS tags -- fields I don't even use on the blog.

    Since I never figured out how to get bookmarks/links to show up in any kind of specifyable order, and my blogroll is carefully categorized, I use these text fields to achieve the same thing.

    Meaning my blog now has no links... an inauspicious start.
    Help, please?

  2. Do not panic, do not panic! They are trained professionals!

    Sorry, had a "moment" there. Podz in this thread:

    Mentions that "they're on it". It seems to be a problem with the theme that they are aware of.

    Keep smiling, I'm sure they'll sort it :)


  3. Yes it seems to be a problem with the template all the complaints are using the same one... Just hang in there the solution will be along eventually...

  4. Yeah, the cool thing about leaving Blogger for WordPress is now your technical issues will actually be addressed by a person who is working on the problem and cares about getting it fixed in a timely manner.

    Even better, they are nice people.

  5. Thanks :)

    The problems with the Andreas theme should be sorted.
    There is a small problem with Emire which is being addressed now.

  6. Nice one Podz!

    /me claps... :o)

  7. I agree with jcrue, at least WordPress doesn't have a little tantrum at least once a week, and when it does it gets fixed PDQ... thanks to all the guys...

  8. That was a world of difference, thank you. Unfortunately, now the "recent posts" buttons display the titles only, but a blank post within it.

    Still, results happening, and a damned sight timelier than I've had to put up with on your competitor.


  9. happycrow - have you sent a feedback? If not, what's wrong? Going to your page I see Recent Posts down the left, and clicking them gets me to the correct post. Or am I getting it wrong?

  10. Hey Podz. Saw the "feedback," hadn't realized that was an appropriate support venue. I'll use it next time.

    In my case, I can get to the posts that way... but they don't show. Any time I'm displaying a specific post, for example, rather than:

    if I load up:

    either by direct click, or via the "recent posts" or even in the "manage posts -> View" option, I get the title, but nothing else... the rest is blank.


  11. Firefox both look good.
    In IE the first looks good. The second has the problem.
    We'll get that looked at.

  12. Theme bugs should be sent in via Feedback. That way a ticket gets created and it gets to the attention of the developers.

  13. I'm in IE, but wilco, and thanks.

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