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    Hello! I need some help. How do I change the sidebar width in Coraline theme? I have CSS editing option, but I don’t know what the codes are. Can you please, please help me?


    The blog I need help with is


    It is here and you can’t just adjust the width of the sidebar without adjusting the width of other elements. Adjusting only one will blow up your layout.

    .two-column #primary, .two-column #secondary {
    width: 23.4%;

    Another note: There is no official support for the CSS upgrade. There are only a few of us here in the forums with any CSS experience, and we are only around generally from time to time. What if we were all gone for a while, how would you make changes to your CSS then? It is always best to have at least a general understanding of the markup (XHTML) and the CSS, and how the two relate to one another.

    Buying the CSS upgrade without having any knowledge of it is like buying a car when you don’t know how to drive. You have to rely on others to drive you around, which sort of limits the advantages to owning a car.

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