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    I am trying to adjust the width of my sidebar and I can’t figure it out. I have CSS experience, but is this an issue with editing the sidebar.php file if I want it to be site wide?



    You cannot edit .php files in blogs hosted at

    To edit the CSS you need to have the CSS Upgrade… do you have it?


    Please keep in mind that this screen name I am using right now isn’t the blog I’m talking about.

    I purchased the “genesis” theme, but I haven’t purchased the CSS upgrade. I have been messing around in my stylesheet with certain things and it has been working. But I have had no luck with the sidebar, I adjust the width and nothing changes.



    If you’re talking about a self-hosted blog, then you ought to head over to:


    thanks, guess I’m in the wrong area. Duh



    I have Vigilance theme at I added an image widget named National Resume Writers Association to the “sidebar”? It is 80 x 80 px and was fine when installed. Now, on the blog/website the “e” at the end of Resume is on the next line with the word Writers (eWriters). Is the problem the widget size or the sidebar size? It would be nice to retain the largest size of the organization symbol possible since the print is very small anyway. Could you let me know how to correct this? My blog is Thank you!



    PS: The rest of the name appears incorrectly as well. The widget name above this one looks ok and is actually wider… Thanks!


    You put the name in the image caption, and because of the width of the image it is messing up the caption text.

    I would take the text out of the caption and make it regular text underneath the image.

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