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sidebar with widgets not showing up

  1. The first post I made shows the sidebar, but a private post I am still working on does not show a sidebar when I look at it in"view post." It just shows a single column. I am using Black Letterhead .

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What post format is the post in?

  3. I'm very new here. Do you mean whether it is visual or text? I tried both.
    It is currently an a published private post less than half finished (since I unable to make it a draft again). It is post, not a page

  4. No, I mean look on the right-hand side of the Edit page when you go to edit the post. There is a box there for Post Formats; some are Asides, some are Standard Posts, some are Image posts, etc. Some of them display sidebars and some don't.

  5. I don't see that. I am on a page that has EDIT on the upper right in bold, above the taskbar.The only format option I see is for headings on the task bar. On the right, I see the pubish options, but no post format categories

  6. Since the post is Private, all I can do is guess. And give you the relevant links

  7. I am willing to publish the post to give you an opportunity to look at it. Would I be able to remove it afterwards and keep working on it?

  8. or I could give you access.

  9. My format, Black Letterhead, is not on the list that supports formats.

  10. I have to start work now, but another volunteer should be able to help you.

    DO NOT give anyone log-in details for your account. We're just strangers on the internet, however plausible-seeming.

  11. If you're going to keep the page Private, only you will ever see it, so what do you care if there's a sidebar or not?

  12. I checked in the "settings" menu under the dashboard, and where it says post settings, the default is standard. I haven't done anything to change that.
    When I got the widgets menu, those I chose are activated.

  13. I don't want to keep it private. I accidentally published it while it was in draft so I made it private and have been editing it. I think I am going to start over with a new post.

  14. Black Letterhead doesn't display the sidebar when you view a single complete post.
    Compare this (homepage):
    with this (single post view):

  15. Does that mean that when I post again and someone accesses the blog, the sidebar will be there? That's all I wanted to achieve.

  16. No.

    The sidebar is there on the main blog page, when one looks at ALL your posts. When one looks at any individual post, the sidebar is not there.

  17. I think I get it. If someone is following my blog and they click on the post in the email or if Its listed in the reader, that is an individual page and so no side bar.But if they access through the main web address,, they'll be directed to the home page. Is that it? Not what I wanted to hear, but thanks.

  18. That's right.

    Why don't you just change themes?

  19. I spent several hours trying to find a theme I like as much with the features I want. I can't tell from the info or the demos whether the same problem exists and I really like my look. I'll live with it for a while and look around for something else. Maybe I can find a way to compensate so readers will have access to the info that would be in side bar.
    I gather sidebar can't be set manually for each post.

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