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    Ahhh! My sidebar is randomly at the bottom of my page, below all my front page posts, what the heck?


    As a general rule of thumb, this happens when you have post or sidebar content which is too wide for the width of the container.



    hmmm . . .weird I didnt change the sidebar and the post was just text. ??? ah well.


    No graphics? No incredibly long links?



    Nope, but I got it figured out, thanks though, it just took me a bit…


    How about posting what you figured out for the next poor guy to get the help maybe?



    Well I have this problem also .. sidebar is at the bottom of the page .. I’ve clicked on each post individually and most of them do show up with the sidebar on top.

    I do have images but they aren’t inordinately oversized. Maybe its because I justify my text?

    Most of indivdual posts show up with the sidebar on top .. except for this one i think:

    Can anyone help?



    I note you are using the Simpla theme. When this theme was added to the list of possible selections it was noted that in Firefox the sidebar would slide to the bottom of the page.

    I would guess this problem has not been corrected as yet. Submit a report via the feedback function of your dashboard.



    Well.. I’ve decided to switch to another theme to solve the problem. I really liked Simpla but shucks, that’s life.

    Now I faced with the other problem of not having poster names shown when a post is made. My blog has multiple users so that’s irritating too. grrrrrrr.



    I just had to reimport the material from my old blog. That was the problem and it was fixed after that.



    My sidebar also went to the bottom. I’m using Ocadia 1.1 theme. I don’t think I have any images or long links there. Any ideas?



    very often sidebar goes south (litteraly ;-) when there are _not_closed_ tags into some of the posts recently added.

    it is a rather hard work to find it out.

    my method is to toggle draft/published status for suspected posts first to see which caused that problem.



    My suggestion is always to turn off the rich editor as TinyMCE is known for messing up tags.

    I like the idea though for drafting though. Have to add that to the FAQ…



    I never use TMCE (prepare post offline), but my layout is almost always spoiled after upload. it is a real pain in the to typeset something slightly more complex than Hello, WordPress!

    unfortunately, problem with mungled tags may be in the code responsible for striping ‘illegal’ tags/attribs (partly it’s a third-party library) and *intellectual* closing tags.

    actual titans01‘s problem was caused by improper handling inline attribs and character entities (double quot. mark in this particular case)in some of the topic titles by theme (or whatever) WP code.

    it ought to be filed a feedback on that real issue.

    btw, how’d you like an idea to use a W3C validator as an HTML lint to locate problem posts?



    btw, how’d you like an idea to use a W3C validator as an HTML lint to locate problem posts?

    Actually, if the WordPress system could do basic tag checking (it already has an option to close open tags while writing, and there is an tag-fixing setting available in the options) and highlight when there are potential mistakes it would help with this thing quite a bit. Just a little flag saying “your code sucks” would do.

    Of course, with TinyMCE that ain’t much help :\



    I’m using Ocadia 1.0 and I can’t figure out why my sidebar suddenly “went south,” but only in IE. It’s fine in Firefox. I tried the draft/publish thing and still couldn’t find the problem.

    I’d turn off the Rich editor if I knew how. Don’t like it at all. oh, I found it. Fact is, I’m not particularly happy with WordPress 2.0 in general. The old way seemed to work better–didn’t try to do my thinking for me. Any other ideas?




    You have now posted on the same matter in two different threads. This is considered to be “spamming the forum” which of course is not a good thing.
    So let’s start over again.
    If your blog is self hosted or webhosted then you are in the worng forum and actually belong over here
    If you have a free blog with then you are in the correct forum.
    I assume that your unhappiness with wordpress 2.0 in general places you in the first category. Am I right?



    Got it!!! An unclosed marker in the Sidebar form itself, not the posts. Whew.
    Thanks for the thing on turning off the Rich editor though. Much nicer.

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