sidebar.php not showing in Safari 3.2.1

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    Dear WordPress,

    Hi there, I have a WordPress site, using WordPress version 2.6.5.
    I am using theme Rihanna 1.01

    In Safari 3.2.1 on my Mac, I noticed the file sidebar.php is not loading…. but works fine in Fire Fox and Opera.

    I double checked the code in Theme Editor, confirming the code for sidebar.php was the same as before.
    It appears since upgrading to Safari 3.2.1 (the latest version from Apple) this problem started happening.

    I also tried re-selecting the theme (when i do the preview for the theme, in Safari.. the sidebar loads properly, but is blank when i view the site)

    I have nothing out of the ordinary on the sidebar.php, and it ran fine in prior versions

    I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to resolve this, as i am stumped at present.

    Here is the site to see what i mean:

    – Sidebar (column at right) does not load in Safari 3.2.1
    – sidebar DOES load properly in FireFox & Opera

    Thanks in advance & happy holidays,
    – Justin



    Justin, this is the WP.COM forums…please head over to the WP.ORG forums and ask your question there. Good Luck!



    It can be a bit confusing as they have almost the same name, but this is for blogs hosted on while is for blogs hosted elsewhere with the downloadable software.




    apologies & thanks

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