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    I read the FAQ on layouts and removal of <div> HTML tags. I blog from Flickr a lot, using it to host my pictures. It’s virtually impossible to remove all the <div> HTML tags – which makes the blog post fonts the same (puny size) as the picture titles.

    All the nice layouts with the beautiful sidebars don’t come out right.

    Also, regarding ‘feature images’, may I know if they are only hosted from the Media Library? I can’t host it from Flickr?

    The blog I need help with is



    1) How exactly do you insert the Flickr content? By pasting code in the Text editor of your blog or is there some auto-post function on Flickr?
    2) What “nice layouts with the beautiful sidebars” are you referring to?
    3) Featured images have to be uploaded to your blog.



    Hi there,
    1) I insert the pictures/blog with pictures in 3 ways:
    – ‘blog to wordpress’ feature from the Flickr website while on the PC.
    – ‘blog to wordpress’ feature from Flickr Android App from a phone.
    – Insert pic from the WordPress “new Post” site by using Flickr’s HTML code for inserting a picture.

    2) I’m using Crafty now and the said sidebar’s gone to the bottom. On themes like Splendio, it works fine.

    3) Thanks. This means in time to come, i’ll run of space (only gives 3GB) and have to buy space to put a featured image?



    1) I don’t know what happens when you use the first two methods, since obviously I’ve never used them. Third method shouldn’t produce the problem you reported. But third method has a different problem (because of an ongoing bug): the post may disappear instead of being published. So I would suggest you use the regular way: Posts > Add New (dashboard sidebar). In that case you can sidestep the issue you’re experiencing in two ways: paste the Flickr code in the Text editor then continue writing the rest of the text in the Text editor, or write the text in the Visual editor first then switch to Text to add the code.

    2) There are no div issues on your front page, and the sidebar is in place. Perhaps you’re viewing the blog in a low resolution screen or mobile device. Confit is a responsive layout theme: the sidebar drops below the main content when the screen is too narrow.

    3) “Only gives 3GB”? In my tests blog I have uploaded more than a thousand images so far, and they’ve only taken 8% of these 3GB. Just avoid uploading huge files straight out of your digital camera: use an image editing application (or an online tool) to downsize the images to the appropriate pixel dimensions, and upload these versions. Storage space apart, this will also mean faster loading and better quality.



    OH! It must be my office browser version? Now that i’m back home, it works fine! (I just went to look at it.)

    Oops. so sorry to waste your time! So it seems that either methods don’t produce that problem. SIgh. Sorry. My bad.

    Feature images: ok…admittedly, i’m being lazy here in having to separately edit and upload thumbnails or smaller sized images instead of using them direct from Flickr. I’ll try it out when I have more time to spend the webpage.

    Thanks so much for pointing out something that’s so obvious. I should have tried viewing it at home before I posted the problem.

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