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Sideblog widget

  1. You can use the RSS widgets. It allows you to place RSS feeds into the sidebar. This will feed the title you set in the widget as a link to the feed root and the titles of individual posts as a link to that post. It may be theme-dependant, but my test shows only titles in the sidebar with summary text on a mouse-over. To set them up with multiple blogs as you have on your page would require multiple RSS widgets. You can set the number of items to display for each feed to just one, BTW. This, at least, would be self-updating.

  2. I don't understand what you're saying. I'm using an RSS widget for something else but don't see how this could work as a side blog. In other words, these would be mini-posts that I would make that I don't want showing up with the regular posts that I make BUT would output to my RSS feed.

    How could I link a post which doesn't appear anywhere else on my site?

  3. Oh, I see what you're saying. I can think of a workaround that would create a separate feed for those, but not anything that would add sidebar content into the current feed. Sorry.

  4. I'm wading in on the subject of a template or templates with a sideblog capacity that update (RSS feed). I'm with Vivian.I don't know if this is feasible or not but I do notice that the template called Toni 1.0 (a simple light 2 column one with a few colour options) has a lovely space on the right hand side that would be a great spot for a side blog. Please put this on the "wish" list and thanks for listening.

  5. I'm sitting here trying to figure out what a sideblog is. :)

  6. From what I understand it would be the same as having a blog page that could have comments.First bring up the template I suggested Toni 1.0 and just look at it while you read this description. Let's say you have your main blog page on the left hand side and it has your lead story on it - an editorial. Now to the right of that you have your sidebar where you can use a text widget as vivian currently does but it lacks the capacity to be automatically updated and to have comments. So imagine to the right hand side of that sidebar a side blog (a mini strip blog) with the comments and updating capacity. There's where one could place brief stories and get comments on them too. In essence it would function just the same way as the main blog part but would be a mini strip. I hope that's not as clear as mud.:)

  7. timethief has it right. The whole point of a sideblog is for a place to post what I call quickies: itty bitty posts with little content but usually containing a link to something else. As I mention in my text widget, I saw it first on another blog. I see that there is a plug-in for this for self-hosted wordpress blogs.

  8. Thanks.

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