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    Hello everyone,
    I recently changed from Oxygen Theme, to Sight Theme.
    In the first one, I was using a slider show, but when changing to the new them, is not appearing. I have my sticky posts set, and I have chosen a static page same as the last theme. Am I doing something wrong? Do I need to change all the image sizes to fit them in the new slider?
    Thank you very much for the help!

    The blog I need help with is



    Seems you’ve resolved this problem, yes?


    Yes, thank you!! I needed to change from static page to latest posts… :-)



    HOW?? How did you resolve this problem I am having the same issue.
    I can only get one sticky post to show in my slider. Even then the posts won’t show in recent articles. I am using the showcase page as my home static page. I need help with this. Everything was working fine – now, I have no idea. My content is there but I can’t see it. HELP! My deadline is Sept 4.


    You need to change from static page to latest posts…thats how it worked for me.



    Hi there! Here I am a month later :)
    I recently switched to the Sight theme. I have it set to latest posts and marked three posts as sticky. Only the first post marked as sticky shows in the slider. Thoughts?



    Theme description:

    Featured Slider
    Sight displays up to 30 of your latest sticky posts that have featured images in a prominent slider on the front page. To add a post to the slider, mark it as sticky and give it a featured image.

    Sight featured images
    Large: 640 x 290 in the Sticky posts slider
    Small: 290 x 290 thumbnails are used on the home, category, tag, archives, and search pages.



    Thank you! I had read this many times and failed to note the part about selecting an image within the sticky post as the featured image. Thanks!



    do you know how to remove the to slider? I removed all sticky posts but it still shows up! :(


    Have you try going to Tools/Reading, there I think you should take the front page you previously set of. Try choosing your latest posts..

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