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Sight theme: Adding Logo

  1. urbankulturblog

    Hi there, i am trying to add a logo to the sight theme on, but there doesn't appear to be an option, only an option for a header image. I've worked around this, but when resizing for mobile the header image shrinks and the logo become so small with a large white space underneath.

    Can anyone help?! It's making the site look distinctly amateur and would love to know how to fix!

    Many thanks

    The blog I need help with is

  2. fabianapsimoes

    There's a lot of white space in the header image itself. In lower resolutions, the image is scaling itself to fit the width, that's why you see your logo so small.

    If you crop the image to remove all the white space, your logo will be regularly sized in smaller devices. I tested it with a squared 150px image, and it worked fine. The problem then is that the logo is aligned to the left, leaving some whitespace to the right. It might look better centered, I don't know.

    Check how it looks. If you want/need, I can try and help you center the logo for lower resolutions.

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