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    Hi. I’m trying to use the Sight theme. Its showing in admin, but doesn’t come up on the site itself. Any idea why its not working and can anyone suggest a solution please.


    The blog I need help with is



    I see the Sight theme on this blog
    Please consult the theme description page here

    Then Try clearing your browser’s cache:
    If you are not running one of the browsers and versions listed at please try upgrading or switching first.


    I did do all of that last night and tried again this morning. No different. Its not just that theme, its others as well. Some work, some dont. Have tried on two different computers and on safari on my ipad. All I get is the title aurora web creations, on a white page with grey background. I am familiar with wordpress, .com and .org, as I’ve created quite a few sites and not had these problems before.

    It will be a shame if I cannot get it to work as its perfect for my needs. Strange that some seem to work and others dont.



    Timethief said she sees the theme on your blog. So do I.

    All I get is the title aurora web creations, on a white page with grey background.

    What exactly did you expect when you haven’t published any posts?


    You can still normally see the theme itself with the banner it uses and the background. Not getting that. No probs with the twenty ten, eleven and some of the others.

    I exactly expected to see the background and theme itself, you dont have to publish posts to see that.



    Thank you so much for your input and feedback. I will persevere and find something suitable.



    “All I get is the title […] on a white page with grey background”. That’s the exact default look of Sight when you haven’t published any posts. The theme doesn’t display another bg unless you add one yourself, and doesn’t display a banner unless you add one yourself. Perhaps you’ve been misled by the thumbnail of the theme: what you can see below the title isn’t a banner image, it’s the featured posts slider – see the demo:



    Thanks. I did eventually figure it out. lol. I am going to install a slider not linked to the posts.

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