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Sight theme sidebar: text bolded on one page

  1. The sidebar on one of my pages has bolded all text except widget titles. This applies to only ONE page--all the others are fine.

    This only began today (with no changes made to custom CSS) and appears in both FF & IE9 (haven't checked Chrome or Opera.)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It sounds like you copied and pasted HTML into a text widget or a post and left an HTML tag open. You need to locate the open <strong>' tag and close it by inserting this '</strong>

  3. Note that I referred to a post above but the same thing goes for a page. You copied and pasted text.
    There is an open
    tag and you need to insert
    to close it.

  4. I'm having trouble posting this. Hopefully you understand that you need to edit the page and go into the Text (HTML) editor and locate the open
    tag creating the bold lettering and close it.
    For every
    there must be a

  5. Thanks for your prompt response, but that's not the problem.

    I double-checked my widgets, and there are no occasions of a <strong></strong> or <b> tag in any of them. In any event, the problem is occurring in all widgets on the page, even those with no user-generated html.

    Moreover, it applies only to a single page; on all other pages on the site, the sidebar text appears correctly.

    It's very strange.

  6. Sorry--should read:

    . . . no occasions of a <strong></strong> or <b> tag in any of them.

  7. It's common and as you blog is private I have tagged this thread for Staff to assist you.

  8. Ah, thanks.

    I just found the problem. I did have an unclosed tag; it was in the body of a post on the page, rather than in the widget area. Odd that it should affect the widgets, though, methinks.

    Thanks for your help.

  9. You're welcome.

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