Sight Theme: Slider is missing text on some posts

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    I activated Sight yesterday and I love it! I marked a few posts as stickies and the slider worked great. I finished editing and setting up the theme, then went back to add more posts to slider and the one “Chalk Paint” & the new ones I added show up missing their titles and the summary. Only two look right. How do I fix this? I can’t find anything about this in the forum. HELP!!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi lovelymrsp,

    First of all, nice looking site!

    The slider on the Sight theme has a fixed height, so any post titles and text that is too long to fit inside that height will be cut off. Your titles are also larger than the original font size for the theme, meaning there is less space for the words to fit.

    However, since you have the Custom Design upgrade, it’s possible to make some small adjustments to the slider with CSS. Go to Appearance > Custom Design > CSS and paste the following into the CSS Editor:

    .featured-post {
        min-height: 290px;
        padding-bottom: 110px;
    .featured-thumbnail {
        margin: 0 1em 2.5em 0;
    #featured-content .featured-post-content {
    margin: 1.7em 1em;

    This will reduce the margins between the featured image and the text in the slider (giving you more room for the text). The “padding-bottom: 110px” gives you some breathing space at the bottom of the slider. The higher the padding, the taller the blue box will be. You can adjust this number, but remember that the height of the box will be the same for each post in the slider. Posts with smaller featured images, shorter titles, and/or shorter excerpts will show more blue box at the bottom than posts with larger featured images, longer titles, and longer excerpts.

    Shorter excerpts and shorter titles work best inside the slider, but the CSS code I gave you gives you more room to work with. Try it out and let me know how it works for you!

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