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    In my header area of a new blog I am putting up using the “Sight” theme, I am having an issue with the main title partially covering the tagline.

    I tried to use my space bar to push the tagline over which was the only thing I could think of, but no luck.

    Is it possible it’s my slightly outdated browsers? I’m using Firefox 16.02 and Camino 2.1.2. ( Those are the latest versions that work with my OS) There only like a year old though.

    Anybody have an idea? Thanks

    The blog I need help with is


    I uploaded a header image with the proper spacing, so I can fix it. But I suspect that it is not supposed to be neccessary.

    I changed it back to the problem spacing now, in case anyone wants to help. Maybe I should be posting this for the happiness Engineers?



    Unfortunately Sight is not too well suited for a site with a long site title, really. Our themes are designed to fit a specific need and are not necessarily the best fit for everyone/every site. Maybe a different theme can help you solve that?



    May I make a suggestion? Create a custom image header and include the tagline it it. Then remove the optional tagline from here > Settings > General > Tagline


    I had actually done that, i.e. created a different header. But I was hoping there was a built in option buried somewhere. Thanks



    Best wishes with your blog.

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