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    My signature doesn’t appear automaticly when I post on a colectiv post… how can I do it?

    Can you help me?



    Some themes provide the poster’s signature and some do not. Whether this feature was provided or not was up to the original theme designer. If you like the theme you have you can simply get into the habit of including your name at the top of each post in a byline “By Jane Doe”. If that doesn’t suit then you can change your theme and find one that has this feature. HTH :)



    What do you mean by signature please and can you show us an example of where it is showing up and where it is not?



    I had this same problem – I was using the Quentin 0.9 theme for my blog at, and have two other users who also contribute to the blog. We had assumed that posts would automatically indicate which user had posted them, but this isn’t the case, at least with that theme. We wondered if there was some option we needed to configure for this. I changed the theme to MistyLook 3.1-wpcom and now see the blog entries automatically stamped with the individual poster’s name.



    Yes, it’s all about the theme.
    Including the name of the poster is a feature for most multi-poster blogs, a bug for most single-poster blogs.
    If we get “configurable themes,” one of the things I’d like to be able to configure is whether the author is specified for each post.



    If you don’t have this feature, just make a tag with each author’s name and have them tag the post with their name. That’s very useful, as people can read everything by their favorite author with one click then.

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