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    I hate the new layout but if your trying to put an end to all of wordpress…



    I like it! But not at first. Just take 3 minuets to familarize yourself to it, and presto, you get it. Although, I don’t like the way of uploading pictures….



    i am new to wordpress so i dun have anything to grumble about..

    sorry =(



    You don’t need to sign a petition to stop WordPress. The Log Out button is at the top of the page.



    I actually kinda like the new dashboard…



    I also like the “New Dashboard” it has a cleaner look to it :)




    The new dashboard is much better than the old. There are some bugs to iron out, but positive suggestions will have more effect than complaining.
    I had to update Flash and Internet Explorer (to v7) to get the new interface working.
    The new layout just takes some getting used to. It is not THAT different from before and sports some nice new features.
    Nods to the WordPress team that put so much effort into it.



    Actually, I’m looking forward to more changes, including batch system (for media like photos, videos, tags, etc…), in the dashboard. I’ve already gotten used faster and new dashboard design and can’t imagine going back to the old version.



    flynnsblogs: if you’re referring to batch uploads, the new (Flash) uploader already does that.



    Just as I’m writing this, the Flash Uploader transfers a 42 track audio book for me (No copyright breech. I do it on behalf of the author). Bo problems so far.



    That’s No problems (and another coffee for me). Big thumbs up to the team.



    I also had some troubles with the new dashboard, but this is no reason to call for an end of WordPress or a complete reversal to the old dashboard. I came on this forum to get help from other users who were able to advise me well on what to do. As it turned out that there was indeed a big bug with some aspects of the new dashboard, about which I couldn’t do anything, I contacted the support team with a detailed explanation of the trouble and they were able to fix it. I understand that the change was a bit brutal, especially for those like me who hadn’t yet made a habit to browse through the forum until now, but the WordPress community really helped buffering it up.

    I think we shouldn’t forget that this blogging platform isn’t only FREE, it’s actually topnotch if you compare it with other so-called free services (I’m not giving out names, but you probably know what I’m talking about), which offer you lousy tools, horribly-looking interfaces and deluge you with ads and marketing requests whenever you log on. So one can’t have the attitude of the normal customer who’s paying for a service and can, therefore, behave like a king. The WP team has absolutely no obligations towards us!

    If you really hate WordPress and feel you can find a better place to be, then, no one is holding you back.

    Of course, you can easily guess that I won’t sign your petition. I like WP a lot and won’t give up on it or even turn against it simply because of some bugs or temporary troubles.



    You should make that “no legal obligation” :) . The WP team is obviously commited to the service. Otherwise they would let it rot (obviously they do the opposite).

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