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    I’d like to put a widget on to allow visitors to sign up for my newsletter. How can I do that?



    Answering this requires just a little more information!

    1) Do you use another service for a newsletter or do you just create it yourself and upload it as a manual link each month? If this is the case, a text widget with the link to the signup there should work like:

    <a href="">Signup For Our Newsletter!</a>

    2) Do you want to get visitors to send you an email signing up for the newsletter? If that is the case, I would create a new “page” (not post) called Newsletter with all the information about your newsletter and then put a contact form at the bottom of the page with instructions for users to send you a message signing up for the email newsletter:


    Hope that helps you a little without all the details.



    Thanks Trent. Looks like #2 is the solution. I’ll try that and report back.



    Not the form I expected. Did I do it right?



    Yeah, it is a real contact form so they can also send you a message. It shows up as an email from them though to collect the address. Not great, but a way to hide your email address.




    Some themes, MistyLook is one of them, have a Page Template for a contact form that’s more elaborate. In both cases, as Trent says, your email address is hidden — and whatever your readers enter remains private too.


    Thanks folks. I’ll play with the options.

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