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  1. Hi All

    I want to add a sign up form on my blog that is for a free ebook on back pain. The people then are added to my opt-in list and get directed to my sales page.

    Can I do this on my blog somehow, as I can't seem to see anyway possible.

    Cheers in advance

  2. There are not any organized "email list" functionality for your blog so I am thinking that you either have to have a link to a contact form that emails you so you can run the list from your email, or possibly there is a free "mailing list" service out there that you can redirect your visitors to. The first might be the easiest for you though if the number of people is not too large.


  3. Feed burner offers email subscription...

  4. For a contact form (which you can name anything you wish) take a look here: . It should work for you and it will send the requests right to your email address.

    Make sure and turn off comments on the contact page otherwise it will confuse things.

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