Sign up isn't working.

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    Sign up isn’t working. My friend has been trying to open an account and blog and it isn’t working. DO you know when it will be fixed?

    The blog I need help with is



    Can you explain exactly what you mean by “not working?” Has your friend looked in his spam folder for the activation email?


    I had same problem. The sign up form for creating a new blog and account is looping. When you click the Sign Up button it just reloads the page and doesn’t submit the request.

    I ended up having to create a Username and Password only first, then circling back and creating the blog once the account was created.


    I was having the same problem. Like runsamantha said, you have to find the little link that says something like “sign up for username and password only” and click that. Then go through the steps to do that, and you’ll eventually be able to create a blog from there.

    Stupid to have to go through all that when it should be so simple. Not sure why their sign up page isn’t working.



    my friend also has a problem with signing up
    he filled the form (just user, without creating blog) and did not received any e-mails yet (3 hours has already passed)
    he tried several times to re-send activation e-mail and of course he checked his SPAM folder.
    do u know how it could be fixed?


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