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Sign up option for my visitors and users & advertisements

  1. How can i create sign upand login option for my visitors so that once they log in using their registered account they can continuously reply to whatever message they want until they log out.
    There should be an option to login via facebook and mail account.Please guide me on this.
    Second, How can I add advertisements in my blod and earn from it

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can set the default options for comments under Settings ->Discussion in your dashboard. First you can require that visitors be logged in to comment (either wordpress, facebook, twitter or google+) or to leave an email before they're allowed to comment. You can disable both of these, but that is not advisable as it can lead to a significant increase in spam:

    You can also set whether you need to approve all comments or only a person's first comment to allow them to post comments. If you pick the second option you will only need to approve them the very first time they comment and thereafter they'll be able to comment on your blog whenever they choose, unless you change the settings. You can also deselect both options, i.e. have no comment moderation, but as above this is not advised:

    As for the advertising: you can't and doing so will get your blog suspended. WordPress has the WordAds program for which you can apply if you have a custom domain, but no other user-added advertising is allowed.

    If you want to earn revenue from advertising through your blog you'll have to purchase your own domain and hosting and install a website. Then you will be able to add whatever advertising you want.

  3. Thanks for the reply.I checked in the place to set up login using facebook or gmail account to comment.But I found only as below.There is no option to use externel sites like facbook or google to use for commenting.Please check
    Other comment settings Other comment settings Comment author must fill out name and e-mail
    Users must be registered and logged in to comment
    Automatically close comments on articles older than days
    Enable threaded (nested) comments levels deep
    Break comments into pages with top level comments per page and the page displayed by default
    Comments should be displayed with the comments at the top of each page

  4. In the very first support doc I linked for you is says that the second option, "Users must be registered and logged in to comment" includes users on social media.

    Users must be registered and logged in to comment
    Use this option if you only want to allow comments from people who are logged in. This includes users, and all social network accounts (prevents people from entering their own arbitrary details).

  5. Hi, I understand that and I click on the check box of that second option " Users must be registered and logged in to comment " and saved the settings but when I used the website I dont see any long in option as stated in the doc, to login using facebook or other social networking sites. You please check out my website so that you will have an idea. Thanks

  6. Are you aware that blogger-initiated advertising is banned here? Your blog will be suspended if you attempt it.

  7. @igrab45
    It seems to be your theme that's the problem. I uploaded your theme to my test blog and tried all the different comment settings, but like you I don't see the option to log on via social media. So, the only way to allow anyone to comment while still exerting a minimal amount of control would be to disable the second option, that users must be logged in, and enable the first, that they must enter their email address to comment.

  8. @kokkieh, I also think so. The theme has a problem.
    I chose this theme because it looked like it will help my objective of the blog.
    My objective is that, I will have 100-500 topics( or more). In each topic either me or the visitors should be able to post their views. But everyone should be a longed in user. either they should use their social networking site log in or mail account login. Because letting unregistered users to comment will lead to lot of spam and on the other side I cant force anyone to be a wordpress registered users.That is why I wanted to have social networking or mail account login facility.
    Or if there is any option to let the users register to my blog username,password and mail id and confirmation mail will be sent to that id with the link(normal confirmation stuff whenevr we register with any sites)so that in future if they want to comment they can use those id.
    And whenever people post their views and there should be a facility to reply to those posts by any registered users and they can have options to follow the replies or posts comments via mail.
    Each of the topic (100-500) can be searched in search box or it could be dropdown menu. If it is in search box then as an when I type first letter it should display the topics that starts with the typed letters.

    And when users post their comments there should be a facility to attach a file

    All the comments should be posted in the blog within a fraction of sec like how it gets posted in online chat window.
    And there should be chat window in the blog page itself to come to know all the users who are currently long in. so that other users will be able to chat with them.
    This is my basic requirement. Can you recommend any theme template for this. Thanks

  9. @raincoaster,
    I was not aware that posting advertisement will ban my blog. Thats why i wanted to double check. Even I dont know where is the option to post advertisements. Thanks for the information.

  10. The P2 theme is the only one that has a forum-like functionality on On self-hosted websites you can install plugins that enable you to do this, but not here unfortunately.

  11. @kokkieh,
    So what can I do. My vision is big & clear. But I dont have enough money . That is why I am seeking free service providers so that I can make sure that if it is going to work as per my vision.

    And Can i connect with you offline through mail? if so please provide your email or send me a mail to igrab45@gmail

  12. The only other suggestion I have to offer is to set up a forum somewhere else and link to it from within your blog, either in the menu or a text widget. But there's no other way to run a chat forum on Other free blogging platforms might have that functionality, but I don't know as I only use

    Sorry, no. I'm not a WP staff member, just a regular user who helps in the forums and I don't offer support off-site.

  13. @kokkieh
    Could you please tell me at least how can i have a search box where in which need the following
    Say I have 100 blogs
    If visitors start typing in search box, as soon as they start typing it should list below it like the available blogs that start with the letters typed so far. Is there any plugin for that?

  14. The search widget you already have in your sidebar is the only search facility you can add to your blog and unfortunately it doesn't have an auto-suggest feature like Google search.

    To add a plugin that does you will need to set up a self-hosted site with as we cannot install any plugins here.

    You can always suggest they add that functionality to the search widget by posting in the Ideas forum:

  15. @kokkieh, Thank you for the suggestion.
    Is there anyway that we can have all of our blog names listed as a dropdown box.
    I want to list all the blog names. The theme has the option to list only the recent blogs . your suggestion or idea will be appreciated

  16. There's not a widget for that, no. The closest is the archives widget, but it doesn't display post titles, only categories or months.

    You could create a page and put the archives shortcode on the page. That will create a list of all your posts in chronological order that will automatically update each time you create a new post. You can use the shortcode in a widget as well, but it will display ALL posts in the widget, and not in a scrollable drop-down menu. The support doc describes all the options for customising it further:

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