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    Hello, how would I go about having: ‘Follow us on Twitter’ show up automatically at the end of each post for our site: I saw instructions about downloading a file under my theme but I cannot find this.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hey there,

    I am not seeing the availability of this automatic Follow Us Twitter function with in the themes set up documents here: Perhaps you could provide a little further detail as to where you initially saw this?

    As an alternative, you do have access to the Twitter Follow Button, however you will have to manually add this shortcode to each post you wish it to display in. For more information please review this link:

    Hope this helps!



    Hi there, It was just some instructions that someone found online for me, not sure how up to date these were. Is there no other way to automatically have the follow button or add the text in so it shows on each post? Instead of doing it each time? Thanks, Cristina B.



    Since Carmack is a 3rd party theme it is possible that these online instructions may have been in reference to feature not available to or potentially a plug in that would not be available to you unless you have a Business plan.

    Unfortunately there is no such feature available to auto assign a signature to each post. So in order to add the Twitter Follow Button to all previous posts you will have visit each one and manually add them in. For all future posts however, I would suggest creating and duplicating a template that includes this shortcode at the end.


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