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    Hi All

    Just an idea. Is it possible to create a signature that can be added to the bottom of each post. I know it is possible to create an image with my signature on it but that is not what I mean. What I think would be cool would be the possibility of having a text snippet (include an image as well), that could be inserted at the bottom of each post just by clicking one of the buttons above the text box.

    It would also be cool if we could add our own titles and descriptions for seo purposes.

    Brilliant by the way – all that has become.




    You can suggest this to Staff by using this link>

    I don’t post a signature for security reasons I do NOT wish to have a copy of my signature available anywhere online. Think about it? Are you sure you want this?

    I already have gravtars, avatars and blavatars as well as profile pages on all sites I’m a member of and they are sufficient for my needs.



    There are a couple of themes that supply a brief author’s bio and an image on the bottom of each post. Have you used the themes demo site yet? It’s here and I believe that Twenty Ten and Enterprise have the feature I described.

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