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'Signing Off' a blog - What is it?

  1. Hi,

    I was recently directed by someone to 'sign off' each blog post I published (for another blog), and I felt totally clueless. Is it some blogging lingo I'm unaware off? Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It probably means leaving a little:

    Post written by markaz18

    at the end of every post. It's awfully old-fashioned tho. Take a look at the other posts on their blog and see what other people have done.

  3. probably. i'm the only one on their blog so far though. thanks.

  4. luridtalesofdoom

    It does sound like they mean I byline of some kind, which would of course be necessary for any serious journalism but seems a little strange on a blog - especially when most wordpress themes will automatically put your username with the post's datestamp. Or perhaps they're implying you should do so at the end of the post? Either way the only person who can really enlighten you on this point is going to be the one who asked you to do so. Good Luck.

    p.s. loving, what I've just read of your blog. Very informative.

  5. luridtalesofdoom

    *'A' byline I mean.

  6. thanks, luridtalesofdoom. I'm pretty certain that's what they mean too :) and thanks for appreciating my blog too. I see you recently posted about the afghan war leak on your blog. information is pleasant but controversies are exhilarating!

  7. Id it doesn't refer to a "byline" supplied by the theme for authors it could mean a signature at the end of the posts. If this is the case then author's can create an image of their signature and simply use the HTML and copy paste it at the end of their posts.

    Some people like to use but do be aware that the wordpress plugin referred to there is only for wordpress.ORG installs and not for blogs.

    Another newer alternative is the the ability to write by hand on your computer. See http:// Turn your handwriting into a digital font and add a handwritten e-mail signature to your blog post by using it, and the wordpress.COM post by email feature

  8. Timethief, thanks for the links. But the question is, why would I need a signature if already mentions my name on every post I write?

  9. Well, without seeing the site we can't tell if it does or not. Besides, doing what the boss wants, even if it's stupid, is an inherent part of working for other people.

  10. But the question is, why would I need a signature if already mentions my name on every post I write?

    If you are looking for support for a wordpress.ORG install you are posting to the wrong forum and need to post to the correct one for your software which is here > http://wordpress.ORG/support/

    See also the sticky post at the head of this forum. >

    Secondly note that the author's byline is provded by the theme and not all themes provide bylines.

  11. Well, it wasn't a support question - just a general one. but thanks for the responses.

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